There are a number of ways to get involved with ACE Innovation. Student inventors, creative guest speakers, interactive table hosts, innovative vendors, and good volunteers all contribute to the environment of ingenuity. Come share your spark!

Student Inventors

ACE Academy students may participate in ACE Innovation by being an inventor. Students, ages 8-17, go through the creative and inventive thinking process in order to problem find and problem solve. They take their original idea and develop a prototype. Their work is displayed at ACE Innovation as they stand proudly by their inventions and share their thinking with others.

At the primary level, ages 3-7, students participate with their PODS and share their inventions as a class.

If you would like to participate as an inventor, but do not attend ACE Academy, contact Tabitha Molett for more details.



Guest Speakers/Creative Chats

Are you a local businessman, businesswoman, inventor, artist, musician, and/or entrepreneur with a story to tell? Listening to creative individuals is one of the best ways to be inspired. Creative chats should range between 30 - 45 minutes and speak to a broad audience of multiple ages. Please contact Danor Padden to receive more information about our creative chats.


Interactive Experiences

ACE students along with people from the community often want to reach out and share their passions and interests with others. Our interactive tables allow for just that type of experience. Here, you'll find students and families hosting Destination Imagination Instant Challenges, sharing sensory experiences, presenting entrepeneurial ideas, inviting you to explore a 3D printer, or playing with robotics and reverse engineering. We want this to be a time where you can have a hands-on experience that sparks your interest and maybe even a brand new passion.


Sponsors and Donors


The financial contributions of sponsors help us provide the best educational programming at ACE Innovation. All contributions support our organization mission to serve gifted learners of all ages, and are 100% tax deductible. We recognize all sponsors on our website and printed materials distributed during the event

Levels of Support

Light Bulb Level: $100-$499
Integrated Circuit Level: $500-$1000
Innovator Level: Over $1000

Financial contributions should be made to ACE Academy, and sent to:
3801 N. Cap. of TX Hwy., E#240-158 Austin, TX 78746


Donors provide goods, services, and/or products that go directly to use at ACE Innovation. All donors are recognized on our website and event materials. Students, volunteers, and event visitors may all enjoy those items you donate.

Kinds of Donations

Goods/Products: supplies or items to use in activities or give away as prizes
Services: the contribution of a skill, expertise, and/or time to help our event or to offer as a prize winning.