2010 ACE Innovation Event Schedule



2:00 PM - Juan - Carlos “JC” Otero
Business is all around us, we experience it every single day. I will show you how to identify the basic building blocks of business and how you can apply that understanding to explore the possibility of starting your own business. In this presentation, we will quickly identify the different components of a business and come up with a general idea of how to solve a societal challenge or need through entrepreneurship.

2:30 PM - Patrick Terry, P. Terry’s: How It All Began
Almost five years ago P. Terry's opened its first burger stand at Lamar and Barton Springs. Since then two more stores have opened and more are coming. Join in for a conversation about how the burger stand was born and why it has been successful.

3:10 PM - William N. Hulsey III and Dr. Glangchai
William N. Hulsey III, Principal of Hulsey IP Law, LLP and Luz Cristal Glangchai, PhD, Director, Idea to Product Program and Research Engineer/Scientist Associate IV will have a panel discussion about patents and how to take your idea to the next level.

3:50 PM - Glenn West, Financing Your Enterprise
Glenn West is credited by the Austin business community with transforming Austin from a small college town to a high-tech center, "Silicon Hills." He became president of the Chamber in 1987 and led the way in attracting high-tech companies and entrepreneurs to Austin, thus growing the boom economy of the 1990s. This presentation will be a review of the sources of capital used by entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

4:30 PM - Craig Newswanger
Can you make a drum playing robot? Craig Newswanger, an inventor and Director of Optical Engineering at Zebra Imagining, Inc., has decided the answer is yes! In this presentation you will learn the process of inventing and building a electro-magnetic robotic drum kit. Prepare for some joyful noise!