2:00 PM - Austinpreneurship

There is no better place or time to start something new than right here, right now in Austin, Texas.

DANNY PERNIK - Co-creator, Zaplings

Danny Pernik is a co-creator of Zaplings, an upcoming service that will connect people for the purpose of bringing good ideas to life. Danny seeks to understand principles universal to human creation, whether it is to provide a good or service, support a cause, create art, or just have fun. Danny's pursuits are as diverse as the ideas Zaplings will support, and this provides firsthand experience into the relationships we can build to give our dreams the opportunity to be realized.


3:00 PM - Idea to Product (I2P): Global Applications of Entrepreneurship

STEVEN P.NICHOLS, PhD, JD, PE - Director, Advanced Manufacturing Center

What is I2P®?
The phrase “Idea to Product” refers to applying creative thought to a technology (“Idea”) and developing a market application (“Product”) for that technology; thus creating a match between a technology and a societal (or market) need.

The I2P® Program is fundamentally about education. I2P® promotes a culture of technology innovation and entrepreneurship through coursework, competitions, and seminars addressing innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship for a multidisciplinary audience. The program provides a range of pathways for innovation including exposing university technologies to outside investors, aiding university technology spin-offs, and engaging students in the innovation and commercialization process.


4:00 PM - Distinguished ACE Student: Does one's reading proficiency influence their performance on the Stroop Test?


Mary Farrell is an ACE Academy middle school student. Sharing her motivation, personal interest, real world application of her research, and where she wants to go with her findings is the foundation of her presentation. Her project is centered on the Stroop Effect, an astonishing phenomenon that is revealed through a color-word attention interference task called the Stroop Test.



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